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Event Creation


We Do

So, when you plan to have a corporate event such as corporate gathering, corporate family gathering, gala dinner, annual meeting or company anniversary, don’t hesitate to call us. What about conference and exhibition? No worries, give us another call we will take care of your workshop, international conference, or B2B exhibition.


• Corporate Gathering

• Corporate Family Gathering

• Gala Dinner

• Annual Meeting

• Company Anniversary


• Workshop / Seminar

• International Conference

• B2B Exhibition

• GSC – General Service Contractor

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, so does an event. With solid team work and loads of energy, our team will pull off through maximum effort to create a smooth and seamless event for both organizer and audience. Bringing forward our knowledge as well as many years experience in the industries, we’ll bring you a transformational and an end-toend service possible for a smooth and phenomenal event.


WHY You Need GSC – General Service Contractor ?

General Service Contractor accompany you along the way organizing a highly coordinated event. Not stopping there, our expertise allow you to maximize the resource while keeping your expectation and budget in mind. Once in a lifetime you are worry free from all the details conducting your event. Guess how? We will handle your event from zero to hero technically and literally. While we do that, you have your chance on focusing and maximizing competencies and profits of your event.

• Event Planning ​/ Event Management

• Venue Selection & Management 

• Exhibition / Conference Management

• Logistic Handling / Loading Unloading

• Build up & Dismantling

• On-site Staff

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